Contribution of the self-employed: Royal Decree approved for their net income

Royal Decree on contributions for the self-employed

A Royal Decree has been approved in order to implement a contribution system for the self-employed based on net income.

It takes up the provisions of recommendations 4 and 5 of the Toledo Pact and the agreement of the social partners to modernise the pension system, signed on 1 July 2021.

Regulatory changes for information

Regulatory changes are introduced to improve the information that self-employed workers must provide regarding their activity and their future income in the calendar year. They will be able to modify their contributions up to 6 times to adapt it to their income.

Effective from 2023

This new system will come into force in January 2023 and the contributions will be established in the General State Budget Law. The Ministry of Inclusion is in dialogue with the social partners and self-employed workers' associations in order to set the contribution rates and bases for 2023.

In order to initiate these measures, it has been necessary to improve the mechanism for data transfer and co-ordination between the Social Security and the tax authorities.


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