The figure of collaborator: The association of tax advisors of the Canary Islands proposes it.

On numerous occasions, citizens, especially the elderly, find it difficult to carry out procedures with the public administration, which has led the delegation of the Association of Tax Advisors of the Canary Islands (AAFC) in Tenerife to propose in La Laguna the incorporation of the figure of the collaborator, with the aim of "facilitating, providing greater fluidity and speed to the procedures that the citizen must carry out", being pioneers in its incorporation.

Older people do not know how to deal with an official.

The members and representatives of the AAFC delegation affirm that, "the elderly do not know how to carry out procedures with an official, if the Tax Advisors had access to the E-Office portal through the digital signature from the Tax Advisor's office we could make consultations or access folders such as tax payments, census, subsidies or upload invoices to the FACE system, the latter is especially complicated for citizens when it has never been used".

A very positive meeting

Beatriz Domínguez and Itóbal Dionis, representatives and members of the AAFC, had a meeting with the Mayor of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, and with Alejandro, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Finance, Economic Affairs and Public Safety, who are interested in the proposal, which will have to be checked to corroborate its legality and possibility at the IT level.

After the meeting, the AAFC describes the approach as positive, given the understanding and willingness on the part of the City Council to collaborate in this line, which "could be very beneficial for the citizens if the legislation allows it".


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