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Our History

Confijulab, SL was born as legal business consulting and law firm of the year 2000 and, since then, we have been exerting our efforts in continuous growth and change, adapting to the changing environment and the demand of our customers. Our mission at the market is to provide our clients a helping hand to ensure that their interests through a counseling effective and of high quality. All this with the aim of, in the future, positioning our company a reference in the legal sector-business, always representing the values and principles that underpinned its foundation.

Our Commitment

From the knowledge, training and experience, we aim to differentiate ourselves by the development of a preventive work to avoid problems and disputes to our clients. Planning in all our areas of operation stands as a way to save costs that would lead to such situations, as well as the emotional wear any type of problem to be lengthened in time produces the one who suffers.

Our Values

We firmly believe in the development of our business through a number of important values such as excellence, commitment and ethics. For us, the defense of the interests of third parties requires, no doubt, people are empathetic and loyal to them, as well as committed to the cause and mission of the company in the current context.


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