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Bankruptcy law

The Bankruptcy Law is a branch of the legal system that, within the scope and jurisdiction-commercial use, is in charge of regulating all those situations of insolvency of their employer in order that, on the one hand, the creditor is not, to the extent possible, affected by such a situation; and, on the other, to achieve the restructuring of the economic situation of the debtor and that it can continue with the activity.

Thus, the figure of the competition of creditors is configured as a judicial process that the legal system gives us to be able to face this situation of economic imbalance. In Group Confijulab we can advise and assist you technically at any stage of this procedure, whether it is a company whether they are a natural person not employer insolvent, as for the latter have also been enabled, legal proceedings led to the exoneration of the debts not paid.

So, between all the services that our professionals specialized in Bankruptcy Law and can offer you are the following:

  • Assistance and representation in the achievement of Agreements for the Refinancing and settlement of Payments.
  • Advice and technical assistance in the procedure of bankruptcy.
  • Advice and technical assistance aimed at the removal of passive dissatisfied for
    person physical insolvent expected in the Second Chance Act.

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