[ Accounting ]

Advice and accounting management for companies.

The accounting of a company is set up as a vital aspect in the good functioning of a company, both from the perspective of compliance with the regulation in force as from the need for trusted information on the results of your business, and was thus able to act accordingly and to take decisions aimed towards business success.

Whether you need a one-off advice as if you require a service continued and long-term management of the accounting of your company, in Confijulab, SL we can respond to any of these needs reliably and efficiently. Some of the services included within the accounting advisory integral that we offer are:

  • Processing of accounting data for your business.

  • Preparation of Financial statements.
  • Update and review of the ledger of previous years.
  • Preparation and presentation of Annual Accounts with the registrar of companies.
  • Monitoring and closing of the financial year and accounting.

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