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The situation legal-present business, in part caused by globalization, by the advance of the various forms of business, and the rise of the legal personality of the company (companies), has had the most direct consequence is the generation of a range of factors that have to be taken into account when creating and running a company.

Also by private individuals, both in their daily life and in the development of the various businesses that are allowed by our law, they face many obstacles and problems of a legal nature as may be clashes of interest between them, hardly sorteables if it is not through professionals who will guide, advise and represent you in the court proceedings and out of court.

In Confijulab, SL we are aware that the circumstances described, together with the amplitude of the various branches of a legal, requires a specialization deep in the different subjects to be able to provide an effective service and quality. It is for this reason that we have been concerned with various lawyers and social graduates specialized in specific subjects, which they can afford, through experience and knowledge, the various issues and assignments that are submitted to them.

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Law firm for companies and individuals.




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