The TS confirms the invalidity of the second FATE of Ryanair by Covid-19.

The plenum of the Fourth Chamber of the Supreme Court judgment has been entered by the that confirms the decision of the National court that declared the nullity of the second ERTE Ryanair.

The sentence estimated adjusted to the right of the administrative decision of the Minister of Work that is considered unjustified, the attendance of force majeure requested by the said company in respect of the workers who had been dismissed prior to the pandemic, and whose dismissal had been declared null and void.

The Supreme Court considers that, in addition to defects in the procedure followed by the company due to non-notification of the list of affected union representatives, there was evasion of the law given that what was intended with the ERTE was a large part of the wages of the processing that was supposed to pay the company for the dismissal were satisfied by the Social Security through unemployment benefits.


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