Historic penalty for Google: 4.125 million fine for abuse of power

It is confirmed that Google abused its market power by forcing mobile phone manufacturers to pre-install native Google applications in order to use its Android operating system. Companies that did not accept these conditions lost the right to use Google Play, an essential application for using Android.

Today it has been confirmed by the General Court of Justice of the European Union, supporting that these actions go against EU law, conditioning the market and annihilating competition. As a result, the tech company is fined €4.125 million for attempting to monopolise the sector and trying to drive out competition with abusive deals. This is the highest fine currently imposed by a European competition authority.

Abuse of power with applications

The European Court confirms that Google used its market power to force manufacturers to pre-install native apps such as Google search in order to receive licenses to use its app shop, Google play.

According to the European Commission, these restrictions were aimed at strengthening the technology company's position in the market and increasing its revenue from the online advertising it offers as a service.

In view of the circumstances, the European Court considers the amount of the fine imposed on Google to be correct and is expected to rule on the 2019 fine for abuses in the online advertising market.

Source: Legal News

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