[ Tax consultancy Tenerife ]

Advice and tax planning for businesses and individuals.

The tax regulations established in our legal system requires companies and individuals to pay taxes on time and in function of the benefits and the nature of its activity, as well as a multitude of other factors.

As we conceive it in Confijulab, SL the tax adviser should not be the only one professional that allows you to pay less tax, but also one that allows for the optimization of the tax burden within the strict enforcement of the regulations, avoiding sanctions and adverse consequences unnecessary.

In Confijulab, SL can have the security of having all those services that you need in the field of taxation, as we have distinguished professionals in the sector who will be able to guide you and ensure that you can succeed in this field, whether you're a company and you need to carry out your activity, whether you are an individual who needs an occasional advice about any type of tax to which you are subject. Some examples of the services we can provide are the following:

  • Advice and tax planning as set out in the tax legislation.
  • Assistance and representation to the client in its relationship with the Tax Administration directed to the defense of their interests.
  • Completion and presentation of settlements tax as set out in the regulations.
  • Management and consulting in the field of international taxation.
  • Preparation and presentation of all types of taxes in time and in the form: income TAX, corporation Tax, VAT, etc

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