[ Canary Islands subsidies ]

Consulting and management of grants for businesses and individuals.

One of the powers which our legal system attributed to the Public Administration is to subsidize certain actions with the aim of encouraging and promoting their implementation, as well as to address the negative consequences of certain companies, suffer with reason to factors external to them, as has occurred recently and is still happening with the outbreak of COVID-19 on the global landscape.

Either because you have an idea difficult to implement for the capital necessary to do so, because you need to repair the economic damage caused by your company for any reason, or simply because you go to carry out an action that the Administration considered eligible, in Confijulab, SL we are at your disposal to study your case individually and manage all grants to which you can access according to your circumstances.

Some examples of the activities funded most common are:

  • Grants for self-employed and SMES with the aim of alleviating the negative consequences of the emergence of the COVID-19.
  • Grants for the acquisition of electric vehicles and implementation of infrastructure electrical load (MOVES III).
  • Targeting subsidies to the digital transformation and innovation as the way to boost your business (INNOBONOS).
  • Bonuses and reductions to Social Security for the self-employed.
  • Grants for the Promotion of Self-Employment.
  • Single payment of Social Security.
  • Grants of incentive for the recruitment of specific groups of workers.

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