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Employee negligence: Court upholds unappealed fine imposed on company
The High Court of Navarra upheld the fine against a company that did not appeal because the employee who received the fine was...
Fair Dismissal: A lawyer refuses to bring a claim
The relationship between an entrepreneur and his lawyer is based on trust and requires that the lawyer has professional integrity,...
Law of Evaluation of Public Policies: Passed in Congress
On Thursday 1 December, the Spanish Congress of Deputies finally approved the Draft Law on the Evaluation of the...
Case of Usury: A financial doomed to return more than 4,000 euros
The Provincial Court of Asturias declared null and void the credit card contract signed with the entity Oney Servicios Financieros...

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We have been since the year 2000 developing our work and designing our profession as an essential aspect of life-business and personal, with specialized professionals able to provide the solution that best suits what you are looking for.

Save in time

The business world requires a lot of time and effort. Leave your affairs in our hands and win more time to spend on your business.


Behind a good service there is always a great professional, something of which we are aware and that we care with detail to be able to offer the best to our customers.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

It is relatively easy to engage in any violation. A good management will allow you to develop your economic activity safely and avoid penalties.

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A team

Confijulab, S.L. was founded as a legal consultancy and law firm in 2000 and, since then, we have been carrying out our work in continuous change and growth, adapting to the changing environment and the demands of our clients.




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