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Negligencia de una empleada: Un tribunal confirma una multa impuesta a una empresa no recurrida
El Tribunal Superior de Navarra confirmó la multa a una empresa que no recurrió porque el empleado que recibió el...
Despido Procedente: Un abogado se niega a interponer una demanda
La relación entre un empresario y su abogado se basa en la confianza y exige que éste tenga integridad profesional,...
Law of Evaluation of Public Policies: Passed in Congress
El Congreso de los Diputados aprueba finalmente el jueves día 1 de diciembre el Proyecto de Ley de Evaluación de...
Case of Usury: A financial doomed to return more than 4,000 euros
La Audiencia Provincial de Asturias declaró nulo el contrato de tarjeta de crédito firmado con la entidad Oney Servicios Financieros...

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We have been since the year 2000 developing our work and designing our profession as an essential aspect of life-business and personal, with specialized professionals able to provide the solution that best suits what you are looking for.

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The business world requires a lot of time and effort. Leave your affairs in our hands and win more time to spend on your business.


Behind a good service there is always a great professional, something of which we are aware and that we care with detail to be able to offer the best to our customers.

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It is relatively easy to engage in any violation. A good management will allow you to develop your economic activity safely and avoid penalties.




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