[ Labour consultancy in Tenerife ]

Management and consulting work for companies.

The workers are a primary factor in the good future of any company whose importance lies, roughly, in the provision of its services for the account of the same in exchange for a salary and according to conditions agreed upon by both conventional as contractually.

The changing labour legislation and the existence of multiple collective agreements fruits of the agreement between the representatives of workers and employers, it automatically creates the need for lawyers and social graduates specialized in the matter that they know the rule and provide the customer with a legal counsel-labour constant for the correct development of the management of labour in the company concerned.

In the Department of Labor Confijulab, SL, you can find all the service you need in regard to this area, which will accommodate your needs and will be provided by great professionals in the field. Among these services are the following:

  • Calculation and administration of payroll and payouts of the workers.
  • Processing of high, low, and variations of employees in the company.
  • Formalization of Parts of Work Accidents and Temporary Disabilities.
  • Advice and management of the recruitment of workers.
  • Control and notice of the maturities of the contracts of employment.
  • Preparation of written disciplinary, permissions, leaves of absence, promotions, etc
  • Study, counseling and consulting standing in all matters relating to the
    labor relations of the company.

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