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Tax law

The Tax Law is composed by the set of rules governing taxes and taxes fruit of the taxing powers attributed to constitutional and law to Public Administration. In other words, is in charge of regulating the contributions by the peremptory norm we have to make the citizens and businesses, as well as the legal relations between them and the State because of the existence of such obligations.

The great diversity of taxes provided for in our legal system, and the multiple factors that affect the tax obligations translate into a major impact on the business context and the need for tax advisors and attorneys specializing in this field with a deep and specialized knowledge of the matter.

Some of the many services that our tax advisors and our expert attorney in Tax Law will be able to advise you and represent you in this field are the following:

  • General taxation and national corporate: corporate Tax, Indirect Taxation, tax deductions, investment, etc
  • International taxation corporate: Customs Law, international trade, Transfer Pricing, etc
  • Taxation for individuals: Income Tax of Individuals, Inheritance and gift Tax, Tax on transfer of assets and Documented Legal Acts, etc
  • Study, counseling and preparation of the fiscal policy of the company.
  • Technical assistance and representation in the filing of administrative appeals before the administrative courts.
  • Technical assistance and representation before the Courts, Administrative courts in the defence of the legitimate interests of companies and individuals in the field

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