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Civil law

The Civil Law is the branch backbone of our legal system and regulates all aspects of the person, family and property relations that take place between those subjects. Its importance lies in the great diversity of actions, and legal situations that are within its scope, and in which he supplies all that is not regulated by the other branches of the Law.

Among the wide breadth of areas in which our Civil Rights lawyer who can assist and represent you will find the following:

  • Obligations and civil contracts: sale, exchange, donation, etc
  • Right of Urban and rural Leases.
  • The law of damages, contractual liability and tort.
  • Matters relating to the incapacity and guardianship of those people who do not have full capacity to act in accordance with the civil rules.
  • Property rights: property, usufruct, easements, etc
  • The right mortgage.
  • Family law and Succession law: separation, divorce, inheritance, etc

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