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Labour law

Employment Law is the branch of the legal system that regulates relations between employers and workers, both in its individual and collective, with reason, to the provision of its services for the account of others in exchange for a salary and according to conditions agreed upon by both conventional as contractually.

In Confijulab, SL we have a labor lawyer and several social graduates that will be able to advise solvent and effective businesses and workers in those procedures judicial and extrajudicial nature of work, such as:

  • Layoffs, terminations of contracts of employment for reasons ETOP and temporary layoff from employment.
  • Substantial modifications of the terms and conditions of work.
  • Advice and management of contracts for senior management.
  • Advice on disputes, strikes and lock company.
  • Assistance and representation before the Inspection of Labour and Social Security.
  • Claim of wages earned and not paid.
  • Processing of benefits and allowances Social Security: processes of Disability
    Permanent, retirement pension, unemployment, etc ..

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